Bud Light’s ‘Jimmy Football’ Writes In, Tells Us He’s Married & Wife Flip Cammed His Ass Hanging With Hooters Chicks At Super Bowl


This was sent to us over the weekend:

Hey there,

Just came across this link (http://www.bustedcoverage.com/?p=25746) and cracked up. I’m actually the guy that played Jimmy Football…not sure how I could legitimately prove that to you, but why would someone lie about that, I guess?

Anyway…can’t believe I’m late to the game on reading this, but it was hilarious. I’m sending it to all my friends and while it truly was the highlight of the season for me, I can tell you that the behind the scenes stuff wasn’t nearly as scandalous as I perhaps wish it could have been. For you see, my (then pregnant) wife was sitting on stage with me the entire time just laughing at the spectacle and capturing the entire thing on Flip Cam.

Anyway…just wanted to say hello and thank you again for the hilarious blog entry here. I’m a loyal reader from now on.

All the best (and ST-STAMP!),

Aaron “Jimmy Football” Walters

Sounds like someone has been Goggling himself. Anyway…Aaron really is ‘Jimmy Football,’ according to our greasy Indian researchers who have way more Twitter followers than the real Jimmy.

The shame of this story is that Jimmy is married and has a kid. This character was ripe to get laid in multiple cities because there aren’t too many commercial guys capable of dropping panties like a beer guy.

Sorry, Jim. Looks like the dream of pulling tail like Vince Neil is over. At least years from now when your kid figures out that you were Jimmy Football he’ll be able to Google the name and find this post. Just think of all the washed up Hooters moms 5 years from now who’ll swoon over you.

Your son will think you are a God.

Hooters chicks & Jimmy Football pool party photos…after the jump!

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