TwitPic: Do We Really Need Herm Edwards To Be The Herminator? No.

Remember the Steve Phillips fake press conferences where Steve took questions from fake/real reporters while Mr. Sex Addict stood at a podium.

Yeah, those were horrible. And now ESPN is shoving the ‘Herminator’ down your throats.

Folks, if you think this is good TV we really feel sorry for you. Do we really need Herm Edwards giving us his Terminator impressions? Um, no.

Do we really need Herm Edwards wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses? Nope. Are things really to the point where ESPN writers have run out of ideas where a former coach/player screams at the camera?

Watch this 2:50 video and you be the judge.

Look, it’s hard as bull balls to fill 600 hours of NFL programming. We get it. But. But. Stop the bullshit.


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