Nightcapper: Aussie Bikini Girls In ‘Horse Race’ Is Simply Amazing Sports Action


(Via Gold Coast Bulletin)


Bikini chicks ‘horse’ racing has finally received the attention it deserves via crazy hot women in Australia taking part in a sprint at the Gold Coast Turf Club that has resulted in a viral news story that is gaining the attention of American sports bloggers who have been seeking a sexy pageviews story.

It’s been quiet in the sports world.

Tiger isn’t publicly banging a new chick yet. Brett Favre is throwing INTs. Not a single top NFLer has come out with news that he’s banging a Playboy chick. And we haven’t had a tragedy to grab onto.

That is why bikini chick ‘horse’ racing comes at the perfect time. It’ll result in numerous galleries, resulting in pageviews, and men will have something to get them through the week until Florida vs. Alabama and Oregon vs. Stanford.

Says a Gold Coast track official, ‘When people say ‘Gold Coast’ you think of beach, you think of girls and you think of bikinis, it’s a marketing ploy to build racing.”

And men can gamble on it. It’s genius.


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