Daily Dump: Woody Paige Near Suicide, Cliff Lee Hit With Bat Shrapnel, Braylon Edwards Wanted Sex With Student Reporters?, Mike Leach To New Mexico?, ESPN Fantasy Football Hacked, ‘Bama Pooner Sings & Adriana Lima With The Stupid Husband


One of our all-time favorites, Sara Jean Underwood, is at it again & we approve of this.

We have nothing this morning. Just a head full of emptiness.

Go about your day and think of how great it is that you don’t live in Minnesota where it has been raining since late Tuesday.



Today’s Dump:

…we get the morning moving with Woody Paige talking about his near suicide and what we can all learn from the Kenny McKinley death [Denver Post]

Before we go any further, you have to see what the UFL is doing with Chinese artist – this is nuts. Period. [SB Nation]

Cliff Lee breaks hitter’s bat, bat splinters and wood fragment hits Cliff in ear – just another day in the MLB [Big League Stew]

Rumor: Braylon Edwards once told UM female student reporters that he wanted to have sex with both of them [Coed]

Rumor #2: Mike Leach to New Mexico & trading pirate memorabilia in for Indian witch doctor collection [CollegeFootballTalk]

Check out this ‘Bama pooner singing Sweet Home Alabama – outstanding! [Losers With Socks]

What douchebag wasted time out of his life to figure out that ESPN’s fantasy football was hackable? [Out of Bounds]

The Evolution of Mark Schlereth: ESPN adds college analyst to his duties [Gator Bytes]

25 Greatest Fan Runs On Field Takedowns Of All-Time! [Bleacher Report]

Say hello to your next Tim Tebow-like QB God…this kid [Sportress of Blogitude]

We happen to think Eva Longoria is extremely annoying but after looking at these photos we can look past her issues [Don Chavez]

Adriana Lima had to go and ruin our Friday by hanging out with that husband of hers, Marko [MoeJackson]

Julia Restoin Roitfield picked out this dress and it just happens to accentuate her diamond cutters [CelebSlam]

Rosie Jones for Victory Poker! Rosie Jones for Victory Poker! [SweetyGooch]

We’d give Christie the best 2 minutes of her life & make breakfast the next morning [Flisted]

In case you missed Tata Thursday….[Funtasticus]

Lena will choke your ass out and you’ll like it [BabesNBrawls]

Alyssa Miller vs. this bikini! Alyssa wins this battle [Beer Goggler]

Our favrorite time of year – surfing dogs invade Huntington Beach! [With Leather]

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