Cuff ‘Em: Is This The Face Of A Guy Who Listens To EyeHateGod, Gets Drunk, Smokes Pot & Breaks Into A Church?


We consider ourselves music connoisseurs.

Mostly indie rock but BC editors aren’t giant pussies. You won’t see this outfit go all Brooklyn and only listen to CMJ’s chart topping pussies like Hot Chip or Broken Bells.

We’ll dabble.

But, the band EyeHateGod (famous tracks: Sisterfucker, 30 Dollar Bag, Dixie Whiskey) never made it onto our iTouch. The guy above, however, is from suburban Detroit. And he dabbles in crazy shit on his portable CD player.

And smokes pot and gets drunk. And runs from the police. And breaks into churches.

Deputies from the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department arrested 22-year-old Bradley Dishner Saturday morning for breaking into the St. Paul Albanian Catholic church on Auburn Road in Rochester Hills. Deputies were called to the parish after a member of the church saw glass broken out of a door.

A man was spotted by a priest in the altar area of the church, but he ran out of the church and into the woods. Deputies caught the man in the wooded area behind the church and took him into custody.

Bradley? What kind of metal name is that?

No word on why Bradley was in the church other than to have some street cred within the Death Metal scene. Meanwhile, his virginity continues to roll along.

Have a criminal story we need to see? An awesome mugshot turned in by the fuzz? Send them in!

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