Daily Dump: Ric Flair Gets Iced, Jeremy Roenick Creeping On Fox News Talent, Scott Wolf Creeping On Minn. Cheerleaders, Sara Carbonero Weighs In, Hef’s New 21-Yr-Old GF?, Karissa Shannon Sex Tape Caps & Nicole Ritchie Arm Bra!


Katy Perry bachelorette party. Gallery.

The big drama surrounding ESPN GameDay’s visit to Boise?

Who the hell will be the guest picker? Um, you try naming someone famous who played/went to school at Boise.

One more item this morning.

Inez Sainz won’t go away. Now comes word that she has written a column for El Universal where she opens with….”My September 11 in NY.”

No shit. Seriously.

She continues to say what happened ‘shook her life.’

Would she just get naked for our friends at Playboy already? C’mon, women. Just rip off those clothes and get the attention you really want for those giant implants. Bust ’em out and let us all see what’s doing under those risque clothes.



Today’s Dump:

…we get the day rolling with Ric Flair Getting Iced. Repeat….Ric Flair Getting Iced! Of course Ric doesn’t know what ‘icing’ is but the Nature Boy does the logical and pounds that cheer beer to the applause of his TNA bros [Friends of the Program]

Jeremy Roenick creeping on that Megyn Kelly chick on Fox, looking like Bruce Jenner [Crossing Broad]

USC beat writer Scott Wolf doing what he does best – creeping on cheerleaders [Wiz of Odds]

Get to know Kenny Powers’s love interest in East Bound & Down – um, she’s hot [BroBible]

WAG sideline reporter Sara Carbonero weighs in on C. Ron’s issues [Who Ate All The Pies]

Are Kim Kardashian’s ex-lovers cursed? Seems that way [Bleacher Report]

Jim Edmonds so fragile he injures self on HR trot [ProRumors]

Ready for a 16,000 sq. ft. HD video board at NASCAR races? It is going to happen [SB Nation]

Study: Fat babies grow up to be studs, says Northwestern researchers [Asylum]

Martha Stewart’s “I’m not drunk” tweet [The Daily What]

8 Titles For Possible Upcoming Octomom Porn Debut [EgoTV]

Conan’s Strip Club TBS Promo [NextRound]

Today’s Tail:

This is when you know your blog has made it – chicks are willing to send you photos such as these [Barstool]

Holy Shit! Is this Hef’s new girlfriend? She’s 21 and insanely busty [Celebslam]

And there you go….Karissa Shannon sex tape screencaps [Egotastic]

Audriana Patridge assuming the position [Guyism]

Nicole Ritchie arm bra! Nicole Richie arm bra! [Don Chavez]

Divya addresses a few issues, goes off on Twitter nerds [The Smoking Jacket]

The boys in the U.K. are lusting after this Alabama coed [Maxim U.K.]

It’s a good thing Chloe’s giant cans aren’t in 3D! (NSFW!) [BoobieBlog]

For our fans of Christina Hendricks – the chest busting out of a London Fog coat [UseMyComputer]

25 Hot, Busty Chicks Wearing Glasses [Manofest]

How about some Florida State Kappa Delta poon! Who’s up for that? [OnCampusDrama]

Blogger looking for women to send him hair bra photos, will donate money to charity [Regretful Morning]

Sexy Chicks Fishing In Bikinis! [Uncoached]

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