Cuff ‘Em: Ex-NFL WAG Rhonda Fauria Arrested For Kicking Husband Christian Fauria’s Ass


Before we go any further, would someone please send us bikini shots of Rhonda Fauria.

We get the impression from the above Facebook screen grab that former Patriots tight end Christian Fauria hit the hot chick lottery with this one.

But……he also found a chick that isn’t afraid to kick his ass in a domestic quarrel such as the one that took place yesterday morning, according to the Sun-Chronicle (Attleboro, Mass.)

A former New England Patriots football player was scratched on his face and chest, and his wife was arrested on charges of domestic assault Tuesday morning.

Rhonda E. Fauria, 37, was arrested at the police station following an investigation into the incident, and later pleaded innocent in Attleboro District Court to domestic assault charges.

Her husband, Christian Fauria, 39, suffered scratches on his face and chest and a bruise on his left shin, allegedly after being kicked by his wife during a quarrel at their home, according to a police report.

Guess what Christian was driving. Guess, dammit!

An Escalade! No word from police whether an golf clubs were involved in this incident.

Just sayin’, America. Driveway fights and Escalade’s just seem to be the norm these days.

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