Video: Jets Fan Vs. Escalator! Down Goes The Drunk!

The following video isn’t nearly as memorable as drunken Bruins chick trying to go up the down escalator, but who can’t chuckle at a super drunken Jets fan managing to make himself famous for this.

Your very first ‘new’ Meadowlands drunken escalator fail and it’s pretty damn good.

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Posted: September 20, 2010

Premise of Video: (via vlogger) “Before the New York Jets lost to the Baltimore Ravens at the New Meadowlands. A drunk kid fell down the escalator. I happened to catch it on camera.”

Climax of Video: :10 mark. Down goes the drunk!

Conclusion: He stood no chance vs. that escalator once the body started swaying. And those pesky handrails keep moving. Or so it seems when you are blotto on those $10 beers. J-E-T-S! We love these fans.