Nightcapper: Oregon State Completes Blue Turf At Practice Facility, No Word On Birds Flying Into This New Pond

And there it is, the new Oregon State’s new practice field (full-size image can be seen here) that is blowing up on Twitter and throughout the sports media sphere.

Never before in the history of modern sports (the Internet era) has an inanimate object garnered this much attention. We were listening to sports-talk radio out of Birmingham, Alabama and even those SEC homers will be interviewing Mike Riley tomorrow about this maybe-not-so-crazy idea.

Um, yeah, and Boise is still a -17.5 favorite.

How about this for a trap game – Arizona is only -6.5 favorites at home against Cal. That would be the same Cal who was throttled by Nevada on the road last Friday night. And, yes, it’s a night game in Tucson.

We were just waking up this morning when Braylon Edwards was being arrested for DUI (nice beard, douche). That is such a brilliant move from such a brilliant mind. Do we need to say it again? You moron athletes who drink and drive deserve everything coming your way. Don’t have the money to hire one of your boys to remain sober?

The guy was a dumb f*ck at Michigan. He was a dumb f*ck in Cleveland. And remains a dumb f*ck in New York.

Keep hating OchoCinco all you want. The guy might be self-serving but he has some brains in that head.