Busted Coverage Lesbian Kiss Cam: Cardinals Won’t Show Lesbians Making Out But We Will!


The big baseball news from the weekend?

Would the St. Louis Cardinals kiss cam allow lesbian/gay kissers to freak out the Midwestern holy rollers with some smooching action. For some reason, the lesbians/gays went nuts last week when the St. Louis Rams cam caught two guys sitting next to each other.

Of course this started a ‘we are conservative people & gays kissing at a football game would freak out our kids’ controversy.

It also sent the lesbians/gays into a frenzy.

All the commotion came to a climax Saturday when the Cardinals Kiss Cam operator hit “I Got You Babe.”

Oh, did we mention that Saturday was ‘Out At The Ballpark,’ day?

From the St. Louis Dispatch:

The Cardinals had made no promises, and all week pointed out that the Kiss Cam roams the crowd, trying to squeeze as many couples as it can into about 90 seconds. There’s not much time for analyzing whether two men sitting next to each other happen to be gay.

And indeed, when the moment came, in the middle of the second inning, the Kiss Cam scene was all heterosexual couples, aside from one young man and his mother. Then Sonny and Cher quieted down and it was on with the game.

Yep, the mother is so hot she must be the wife/GF shot. How much fun is that?

We’re not sure how it was determined by the Dispatch reporter that it was a mother-son but we’ll take Tim Logan’s word on it.

[Cardinals’ Kiss Cam shows no gay couples]

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