Daily Dump: A 6-1 Auburn Volleyballer In This Mini Skirt, Me Luv You Long Time Dancing For Bucs, Chris Rainey ‘Time To Die’ Shirts, Lou Holtz Impressionist, Vikki Blows! Sexy Mugshots & Tulisa Cleav!


Food porn of the day – Kim vs. this cone.

Our asses are barely moving this Friday morning.

Of course we tried to get through N.C. State vs. Cincy. And didn’t. We did, however, get to see some of Jenn Brown’s work with the microphone. Ehhh.

It was actually shocking to see an ACC school with a full stadium.

Take Duke tomorrow. The Blue Devils are hosting Alabama and the predictions are that ‘Bama fan will fill 80% of the stadium. The demand for tickets is so high that Duke is bringing in almost 4,000 extra seats via bleachers you’d see at your kid’s soccer game.

Who else is pumped for an Auburn Gameday? Get your fill of SEC this week because your ESPN crew just might be in Boise next week for the Oregon State game. That should be a party. Microbrews for all!



Today’s Dump:

…we get your weekend rolling with a 6-1 Auburn volleyballer who fits nicely into a hooker skirt. Maybe Morgan will hold your ESPN GameDay sign & get milkshakes with you after the game.  [FratHouse]

Tiger Woods stops Rachel Uchitel from posing for Playboy? [Guyism]

Me Luv You Long Time: First Japanese Chick To Be NFL Cheerleader Captain! [Ultimate Cheerleaders]

20 Coolest NFL Player Rides: Yes, JaMarcus Russell will have to sell his soon [Sub5Zero]

Wow! Eastern Washington U. recruiting some serious poon to its cheerleading team [Unathletic]

This is awesome: The Chris Rainey ‘Time To Die’ shirt you need to see [Losers With Socks]

In case you’ve missed the Lou Holtz impressionist who’s ruling sports radio [NextRound]

Another Lou impressionist & a Michigan shirt being held hostage [MichiganZone]

Actress Katie Aselton knows fantasy football and how to tell a great joke [Esquire]

Minor league baseball brawl! Minor league baseball brawl! Fight! Fight! [Jersey Chaser]

Here is a surprise: Baseballers complaining about pileup groping [Out of Bounds]

25 Things A Sports Fan Must Do Before Dying….(our opinion: visit Cooperstown) [Bleacher Report]

Power ranking these USC chicks with their Corona bottles [TV Tan Line]

How much does it cost to hire Jersey Shore cast members to party at your bar? [I’m Not Obsessed]

Man’s leg eaten by an anaconda…..via….[Linkiest]

Today’s Tail:

Straight up sex (& great screencaps) from Finland’s Big Brother (scroll down a bit) [Paparrazzi]

OD on Vikki Blows! Gallery! Wrist bras, hand bras, forearm bras, finger bras! [Coed]

Haven’t OD’ed on poon yet? Our friends at Maxim U.K. bring more Me Luv You Long Time with this Oriental Overload! 211 ladies who will pound some General Tso’s [Maxim U.K.]

Lindsay Lohan channeling her inner Kate Moss for these NSFW photos [Holy Moly]

9 Surprisingly Sexy Mugshots Taken At Police Headquarters [The Smoking Jacket]

Geri Halliwell wore this to the airport [Don Chavez]

You have to see Brit pop star Tulisa & this cleav [CelebSlam]

You also have to see Adriana Lima vs. these shorts [The Beer Goggler]

In case you’ve been jonesing for Maggie Q NSFW sex scenes [Nudography]

We totally forgot about Mexican Independence Day – Here are 20 Of The Hottest Mexican Chicks that are gaining independence from stuffy clothes [Heavy]

No bullshit. Anne is the hottest chick you’ll see all day [Brosome]

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