Cuff ‘Em: Dude Who Jerked Off To Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue At Walmart Was Florida School Teacher!


Sorry for the giant headline. Just wanted to get it all in there.

Yesterday, the story of a Florida dude jerking off to a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue blew up across the Internets. Tyler Black became an instant legend for the following arrest report.

A local man was arrested after allegedly committing a lewd act in a toy aisle of the North Port Wal-Mart on Tuesday evening.

William Tyler Black, 28, of the 2000 block of Logsdon Street, faces one count of indecent exposure and one count of battery.

According to police, Black took a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue to the store’s toy section where he performed a lewd act and left the magazine on a toy shelf. He then reportedly continued shopping but was stopped by police before leaving.

His charges?

“Indecent exposure and leaving bodily fluids in a place where a child may come into harmful contact with it.”

Yep, the dude claims to have a daughter…and…the media has learned that Tyler has worked this school year as a substitute teacher! Of course that career ended yesterday when the Imagine School heard the jerking off story.

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