Daily Dump: Cardinals Showing Their ‘O’ Faces, 10 White Trash MLB Pitchers, Chris Rainey Texts Death Threat?, Ricky Hatton Addicted To Coke!, Bobby Cox Corn Maze, 92 Oktoberfest Chicks Making Out And Winona Ryder Cleavage!

Johanna Lundback. Multiple bikini changes. Gallery.

Sorry about the small dump this morning. It’s Hump Day and our asses stayed up a little late watching Rehab at Hard Rock Vegas.

That was a huge waste of life.

We get being single and wanting to get laid, but this pool party is on a Sunday and starts at like 9 a.m. You start drinking Bloody Marys and by Noon are ready to pass out again. Then there is the drive back to L.A. In other words, you pay a huge amount of money, hang out in water that people are using as a Port-O-John and aren’t getting laid.

Seems like such a deal!

Up next on our DVR? Addicted To Pizza from TLC.

We got through half of Addicted To Fries and were completely bored by a woman stuffing her face with potatoes. And not even using ketchup.



Today’s Dump:

…we get the day off to a great start with a great stretch like the one Victoria Silvstedt got in while she was in New York City. Yep, that’s her ass hanging out while stretching in Central Park [Don Chavez]

Video: Cardinals doing this with their faces – impressive! If you are a homo! [YouTube]

10 Whitest White Trash MLB Pitchers In Honor Of Kenny Powers [BroBible]

This is why your college is not even close to being as great as Florida State. Lauren. Gallery. [On Campus Drama]

Florida WR Chris Rainey texts chick “It’s time to die.” [Friends of the Program]

Clinton Portis thinks Ines Sainz likes having 53 dongs to choose from [Guyism]

It’s official! Ricky Hatton addicted to coke [MoeJackson]

Not sure if Francisco Rodriguez is crazy? GF was under protective order but he sent her 56 texts and they are published for all to see [Crossing Broad]

Mark Grace slump busting with Rosie Red, a porker from Cincy? [Awful Announcing]

The Bobby Cox Corn Maze! Such a fine tribute to a legend [Last Angry Fan]

20 Worst Politician Names You Could Possibly Have [Manofest]

Um, this is military power and gave us wood…via…[Linkiest]

Today’s Tail:

92 Oktoberfest Chicks Making Out! Gallery! [Coed]

Lingerie without having to look at faces? Yes, please! [Barstool]

Random crazy cleav – Winona Ryder! [BoobieBlog]

Karissa Shannon sex tape said to be most extreme – EVER! [CelebSlam]

Alyson Michalka on red carpet & her ass speaking to us [DJ Mick]

Heidi Montag faking a bikini malfunction – nice peeling nose [The Beer Goggler]

Sexy Chicks Riding Human Horses. A Gallery. [EgoTV]

How Not To Get A Girlfriend [Uncoached]