Daily Dump: Coyotes Goon Tweets From The Shitter, Penn State Wins Tailgating War At Alabama, Chiefs Fan Gets Middle Finger On MNF, Ray Lewis Dropping The Hammer, Tennesse Fans Playing Wheel Of Fortune, Salma Hayek Rack-age & Georgia G!

Sydney Barlette goes to the University of Houston – seriously.

We told a friend of Busted Coverage yesterday that the implosion for the Jets wouldn’t take long.
How about that stellar offense Rex put on the field last night. Impressive. That is against a depleted Ravens secondary. Take the look of Joe Flacco vs. the look of Mark Sanchez. One dude looks completely in control while the other looks like he’s about to shit his pants after a three-step drop.
Look at this schedule Sexy Rexy faces. Up next? The Patriots.
If you aren’t following Tim Brando and his crazy tweets against college football’s BCS system, do so NOW. Brando is enemy #1 for SEC fan.
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NHL Goon Link Of The Day:
Coyotes tough guy tweets that he just dropped a deuce and didn’t have any TP [Sportress of Blogitude]
Today’s Dump:
…we get started with Penn State losing a football game but winning the tailgating war at Alabama. You have to see how much Bud Light the Staters went through in Tuscaloosa. These photos speak volumes [Friends of the Program]
Best read of the day – Redskins cheerleader breaks down Sunday Night Football game, but her cheerleader outfit cleavage just keeps distracting us [Esquire]
That would be a middle finger from Chiefs fan on ESPN after Chargers rip off TD [Larry Brown]
Two photos that sum up that sorry ass performance by the Jets offense [Barstool]
Here is your Ray Lewis dropping the hammer on Dustin Keller GIF [SB Nation]
Gays totally enamored by NY Giants gray pants – hilarious stuff here [OutSports]
Bengals cheerleader explains how she keeps her ass firm and tight [Ultimate Cheerleaders]
Ocho takes this Patriots fan to dinner and then picks up the tab! [TMZ]
NFL Assholes of the Week [Gunaxin]
Tennessee fans playing Wheel of Fortune [EDSBS]
Mexican drug lords are huge NBA fans [Out of Bounds]
Erin Andrews makes a Taco Bell run, posts photo of run [Last Angry Fan]
WTF is that giant dog doing in Philadelphia Flyers locker room? [Crossing Broad]
For the ladies – Matt Kemp’s new modeling photos [Vin Scully Is My Homeboy]
Check you those UNLV chicks working that tailgating stripper pole [OnCampusDrama]
10 Hottest Dirty Named Teachers Of All Time! [Ranker]
Today’s Tail:
Those NSFW Boobs Look Good In That Lighting Link Of The Day – Hannah! [Boobie Blog]
I Love Vegas (94 photos to reinforce that feeling) [Funtasticus]
100 Sexy Chicks With Sleeve Tats – Yep, chicks you wouldn’t take home to mom [Coed]
Dear Jesus! Salma Hayek letting that cleave breath – AGAIN! [CelebSlam]
Wendy Combattente washing windows with those giant flotation devices [Don Chavez]
Leianna Kai just another hot chick looking to hook into a dude with an American Express [Guyism]
Georgia G vs. this hula hoop [DJ Mick]
Kelly Brook & the cleav at a HolyMoly.com party – makes us wonder when BC investors will break out the money to throw our very own shindig [HolyMoly]
A giant roundup of all of the VMA ladies on the red carpet – celeb overload! [Yeeeah]
Sexy chick cams herself just for you….via….[Linkiest]
Elizabeth is probably the sexiest piece of ass to ever come out of Yuma, Ariz. [Uncoached]
Cody Love vs. this sofa – that bra almost comes off! [Beer Goggler]
25 Sexiest Print Beer Ads You’ll Ever See [Manofest]

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