Introducing Your 2010 Florida State Cowgirls!

During our research into the dude responsible for the $27,500 losing gambling ticket featuring Florida State +7.5 against Oklahoma we made our way to Warchant.com, home to all things FSU.

And then we realized, this website is responsible for all things FSU Cowgirls.

‘Hmmm, what’s doing with that franchise?’

Yep, a new crew of Girls have been recruited to wear cowboy boots, belly-exposing ripped shirts and cowboy hats. Things aren’t as fun as they were 5-6 years ago, but the boobs are still dominant and Brent Musburger would totally approve of this.

Photos! Jump! Now!

Photos from FSU home opener against Samford.

[imagebrowser id=207]

Mega Cowgirls Galleries At Warchant.com! Visit and watch the ladies make the day of a bunch of dorky Florida State dudes.

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