Daily Dump: Calvin Johnson’s Catch Fan Reaction Videos, Redskins Cheerleaders Impress, Leonard Weaver’s Knee Blow Out, Falcons Coach Pulls Hammy, Bob Holtzman Photobomb, Wall Street Journal Defeats High Times & Guess That WAG Ass!


Taylor Redford, and yes, these do come off.

We want to put this out there.

The first person to send us the Lisa De Vanna Facebook simulated sex photos that are causing all sorts of shit in Australia will be properly recognized as a Busted Coverage Saint.

De Vanna is the futbol chick who posted a bunch of raunchy photos to her Facebook page, let the public see them and then a 13-year-old fan visited, got offended, told his mom and the woman caused problems.

Now the media in Australia has deemed the photos unfit for publication.

Bullshit. We’ll run them.

Help us. We’ve looked at all of our normal sources and those pesky images haven’t turned up.



Texas Chick With Circus Tits Link Of The Day:

Sheyla Hershey has those M cups removed! Wants housewife sized boobs! [MyFoxHouston]

Today’s Dump:

…we get started with a ‘How about those Redskins cheerleader,’ video link  [Friends of the Program]

Oh, what else happened yesterday? How about the NFL coming up with the dumbest fucking rule the league has ever developed called the ‘continuation’ rule. Two feet down, control and your ass hitting the ground used to be a catch. Nope. [The Big Lead]

Funniest Fan Reaction Videos To Calvin Johnson Non-Game Winning TD Catch [BroBible]

The best TV/Sports columnist in the business talks about centers being miked for live TV [Michael Hiestand – USA Today]

Do not look at Leonard Weaver’s knee blowing out if you vomit easily [Crossing Broad]

You have to see this Atlanta Falcons assistant coach pull hamstring running down sidelines [Shutdown Corner]

Jay Cutler’s chick Kristin Cavallari in all sorts of crazy ass positions & wearing lingerie [CelebSlam]

Brett Favre Update: Dude likes him some pizza [Out of Bounds]

Ocho Antics: Here is Bob Holtzman getting photobombed by Cinco [NESW]

This blows – Wall Street Journal defeats High Times 8-6 in media league softball championship [CelebStoner]

Claudia O BW NSFW boobie shots that’ll get you fired this Monday morning [BoobieBlog]

Mouse down until you see Lucy Pinder’s Feature Girl NSFW shots – we approve [Papparazzi]

Sarah knows you guys think her breasts are her best feature – just say it [The Smoking Jacket]

Um, easily the hottest American Apparel chick ever going hair bra [Coed]

Just because – The most recent Heidi Klum leggy photos we could find [Don Chavez]

Have an Asian fascination? Here is Hiromi! [Uncoached]

Ashley Greene trying to get out of a car [The Beer Goggler]

Guess The WAG Ass! Monday’s best game ever! [Who Ate All The Pies]

How To Deliver A Great Ass Spanking [On Campus Drama]

I started Busted in 2007, sold it in 2011 and Coed kept me around to run this operation. Based in Ohio. Contact me: @bustedcoverage
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