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Photo: Jacki Lynch Still Loves Her A's Ball Boy

ballboy smallYes, the 15 minutes for Jacki Lynch and her A’s ball boy Kevin is about to run out.

We received an email overnight featuring none other than Jacki wearing her “I Heart The Ball Boy” shirt during last night’s A’s-Mariners tilt.

How many games are left in the season?

Photo! Jump! Face to go with that chest! Now!

jacki loves ball boy

We’re pretty sure this means Kevin has spent serious, serious quality time with Jacki.

Just sayin’. Not a lot of chicks would be willing to go all the way to the ‘Heart’ shirt for a ball boy if things weren’t going smoothly.

Good for these kids. We love a good story where the cute chick doesn’t end up with the closer.

[Jacki Lynch – Facebook]

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