Don't Boo If LeBron Shows Up At OSU-Miami, Terrelle Pryor Tells Fans

Terrelle Pryor, ever the grown up quarterback of the Ohio State Buckeyes, has put his foot down with Ohio State fans and says don’t boo my boy LeBron if he shows up at Saturday’s game against Miami.
Oh, great, a quarterback worrying about off-field issues on the eve of possibly the biggest game of the Buckeyes season (until Wisconsin and Iowa).
That’s right. We’ve told you people time and time again that BCS champion QBs don’t get involved in such garbage.
First we find the possibly drunken Terrelle Pryor photos and now dumb shit is getting into a pissing match with OSU fans. So smart.

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

“If LeBron does come, just treat him with respect and respect his decision,” Pryor said. “Please, no name calling or booing or anything like that. Please. That’s my mentor, and I’ve got a lot of respect for him and a lot of love for him.”

Look, we’re Ohio State fans. Raised here. Live here. Pay astronomical prices to TimeWarner. In other words, we have a rooting interest.
This guy has one game on his resume where he played like a championship quarterback. One.
Maybe Terrelle should just worry about being able to throw a tight spiral against the ‘Canes and let the fans do as they like.
This is the guy who once told us the difference between good and bad biotches.
We don’t make up this shit. Just report it.
[Inside Terrelle Pryor’s Brain: Explaining The Difference Between Good & Bad Biotches]

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