The (Late) Afternoon Dump: ESPN Turns 31, Incredible Traffic Stops, Strip Club Blinds Pilots, Hottie Rewind With Brande Roderick, Almost Naked Kim Kardashian, & Rachel Bilson Is Cute Like Always


Adriana Abenia is a name that you should remember.

Sorry for the late Afternoon Dump. I had a homework assignment to do that I forgot about.

Looks like Bush will lose his Heisman which is the first time in it’s 75 year history that it has been taken away. Maybe others should learn from Bush’s actions.

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Afternoon Dump

ESPN turns 31, rejoice [NESW Sports]
Dennis Rodman’s hot mic gets steamy [Slanch Report]
Jay Cutler is very excited about pass-happy offense [Sportress of Blogitude]
Eli Manning has the most awkward interviews sometimes [unathletic]
They say the Colts will lose their first game, that is a joke [Bleacher Report]
25 incredible traffic stops [Holy Taco]
This is what you deserve when drifting on a interstate [Totally Crap]
So this is what happens on a cruise ship when rough seas happen [Chuggin Monkeys]
Dallas Strip Club is blinding Southwest pilots [Asylum]
Brande Roderick was certainly a hottie [Don Chavez]
The 30 hottest Jewish women under 40 [Ranker]
Nearly naked pictures of Kim Kardashian surface [F-Listed]
Martha Higaredo looks pretty stunning [Plunder Guide]
Rachel Bilson looking uber cute [Popoholic]

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