Nightcapper: Brett Favre Spent $156,000 To Kill 6 Deer? Seriously? We Search For Answers


We were in the process of handling our normal nightly business of eating food, watching Teen Mom/House Hunters and searching for unusal TwitPics/Tweetphotos when one of the more unusual sports stories slapped us in the face.

Just by chance this tweet from Lauren at Spectrum Events (some sort of talent agency) popped up on our screen.

“Deer on our property. You can shoot one for $26,000! Bret Favre killed 6 here w his family”

(We’re going out on a limb and figuring that Ms. Lauren would have very few motives for making up such a story. Twitter follower grab? Highly unlikely.)

Wait just a minute. Please tell us Brett got  on the “Pay for 5 kills, Get 1 kill free,” plan because otherwise we’re talking $150K plus to blast 6 deer. Or maybe he had an Entertainment Book coupon for 50% off 6 kills.

Those deer are so damn cute. And expensive. Holy shit, when did hunting specialized deer cost as much as a high-end Hyundai? This is insanity.

Of course we’re in the process of pounding out a few questions to Ms. Lauren like, ‘Photos of the 6 kills?’

Or ‘Did he complain about his bum ankle after climbing the tree stand?’

Hang with us. We hope to have details of this craziness in the morning.

Tip us off to NFL QB’s killing cute animals. Or tips in general.

[Ms. Lauren’s Bret Favre Family Kills 6 Deer Tweet]


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