The Afternoon Dump: Jason Heyward Did Better Than Henry Aaron, Boneheaded Sports Plays, Strange Sex Laws, Lame Knuckle Tattoos, Russian Wedding Fight, Hot Californian Nancy, & MILFilistic Kate Beckinsale


Jodi Gordon is a fox.

Just like the Daily Dump, I am running behind.

Boise State played well last night.

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Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

10 guys who deserve Bush’s Heisman trophy [Bleacher Report]
Jason Heyward has been a better rookie than Henry Aaron [Big League Stew]
Official bonehead sports play [unathletic]
Swimmer in hot water after twitter slur [The Slanch Report]
20 strange but funny sex laws [Muff Slap]
17 images you wont believe aren’t photoshopped [Cracked]
25 extremely lame knuckle tattoos [EgoTV]
Fight breaks out at a Russian wedding [Totally Crap]
Boise State vs. TCU – cheerleader edition [Holy Taco]
Nancy is a hot Californian pick-me-up [F-Listed]
Kate Beckinsale is a hot MILF [Giggity Greg]
Paris Hilton rewarded with trip to Hawaii [Don Chavez]

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