Patriots Fans Sue Jets Fans For Throwing Beers At Their Daughter, Lack Of Sex


Not the Jets fan responsible for the lack of sex for Patriots.

It has been very well documented on Busted Coverage (this one made it onto SportsNation) that Jets fan is one of the most disgusting, drunkest, disturbing humans in the sporting world.

And one family is fighting back.

You take away sex from New England Patriots fan and he’ll sue your ass. Just ask the Munoz family. They’ve been devastated ever since September 2009 when Jets fan threw beer at their 14-year-old daughter and mom was tossed over a row of seats.

Randy hasn’t been getting laid ever since.

Full report of the lawsuit…after the jump!

From the NY Daily News:

Randy and Michelle Munoz of upstate Montgomery are suing the New Jersey Sports & Exposition Authority over the outrageous antics of boozy football fans at a September 2009 game between the Jets and New England Patriots, The Star-Ledger of Newark reports. Brady is the Patriots quarterback.

The couple attended the game with their three kids, but according to their suit in Newark Federal Court, savage Jets fans spoiled the experience. The team’s famously rowdy fans pounced on Michelle Munoz, the suit says, and cursed and threw beers at her 14-year-old daughter, Danielle, who wore a Patriots jersey.

The couple claim they warned stadium security about the home team’s fans outrageous behavior at halftime, but that officers refused to react because Danielle was a Patriots fan. As the Jets closed in on a 16-9 win, fans punched and kicked the girl’s mom for waving her daughter’s Brady sign, lawyer Evan Foulke told The Star-Ledger.

Michelle Munoz suffered cervical spinal injuries when she was tossed over a row of seats, Foulke said, but she was not taken to a hospital.

It should be interesting how the defense tackles the lack of sex complaint.

‘Well, Randy, we’re going to look into your Internet search habits.’

‘2 a.m. visits to’

Couldn’t a shitload of married men use the lack of sex in lawsuits? Plus, like he was going to be getting laid during football season when 10 hour ESPN marathons are the norm for most men.

Look, this is a useless lawsuit that will result in wasted money that this guy could be using to take his wife on a Mexican getaway from the daughter where getting laid might be a little easier.

Think about it, Randy. It might be better than having to prove the lack of sex.

Is there video of this that we somehow overlooked? Email us if you’ve seen it.

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