Nightcapper: Name This Tall Guy With Hooters Chicks At The Jimmy V Golf Tourney


Hooters chicks dreaming of what life would have been like with a 7-foot-2 father.

Update: Wow, this took all of 5 minutes and tells us we have some old N.C. State readers. D.A. writes, “Tommy Burleson.  Former NC State basketball player….most famous for 1974 Natty Champ at State……he was a beast in college along side David Thompson at State.”

We’ve been anticipating a giant photo dump from the recent Jimmy V Golf Classic (we did find Stuart Scott admiring some chick’s perfume) down in North Carolina and instead get this.

Who the hell is giant guy with the Hooters ball washers?

Of course one of you smartasses will be like ‘That is _ _ _ _ _  from N.C. State. Played back in ’78 and totally dominated.’

‘Dude, you call yourself a sports blogger?’

Yeah, well, we don’t recognize this guy without his tight boy shorts from yesteryear. Help out a bro.

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