Daily Dump: Audrina Patridge Throws Out First Pitch, Toronto Fan Injured By Falling ‘B’, The Red Foxes Basketball Dancers, Hottest Fan Bases Of The WAC, Aubrey Huff Wears Red Thong, Erika Mitdank Maxim Greatness & Kate Beckinsale’s Ass In This!


Christen is just another glamour model from Westchester, NY with dreams. Big ones.

BC busted this Dump out quickly because we’re running behind after getting no sleep due to late TV viewing of Boise playing themselves into a BCS game by going 1-0.

Would someone please write a book on the rise of Boise State football and who the hell is responsible for this madness. How the hell does a school in the middle of nowhere, recruiting kids out of California to come play in shitty weather, able to make this happen?

Want to make coin? Do some research. We’d buy that book today.



Today’s Dump:

…we get started with Audrina Patridge throwing out the first pitch at a Dodgers game while wearing these amazing jorts. We just tore our rotator cuffs. [Don Chavez]

Seriously! ‘B’ in Jackie Robinson hit by foul ball, busts loose and falls onto head of Toronto fan [ProRumors]

Red Foxes. Ukraine basketball cheerleaders. TV timeout wood. [DJ Mick]

Oh. Dear. Jesus. Barstool held a golf tourney and brought along some chicks [Barstool]

This is just nearly impossible to rank because very few of us have ever visited WAC schools – Hottest Fan Bases Of The WAC [Bleacher Report]

Here is the greatest effort this weekend from a QB in his team’s ass kicking [YouTube]

Here are all the important screen caps from your weekend of football [TV Tan Line]

‘Bama fan ‘Cowboy’ drunker than ever, figures out how to go 7 Dirty Words continuously during a 10 minute video [Friends of the Program]

Aubrey Huff resorts to red thong to help him get out of slump [Larry Brown]

Wait until you see the cans on this rugby cheerleader – INSANITY! [Ultimate Cheerleaders]

Because you’ve been waiting to see a Lady Gaga futbol goal celebration [Dirty Tackle]

This is what dynamite + hay turns into when lit….via….[Linkiest]

20 Of The Greatest Screencaps In History Of Screencapping [NedHardy]

Today’s Tail:

Take your mouse and cruise down a little bit on this link to see Erika Mitdank – Maxim Euro has outdone itself this time with this hand bra [PapparazziTV]

Hockey WAG Candace Cameron Bure is still holding up after all these years [Guyism]

Wait until you see Kate Beckinsale’s ass in this bikini – tears to our eyes [Moe Jackson]

Speaking of tears, Jessica Alba brings another tear to our eyes with this [CelebSlam]

Sophie Turner & cleavage out on town in new outfit [BoobieBlog]

Brit fashion model Daisy Lowe tries to get some boob sun & BF cops a feel [The Nip Slip]

Staying on topic…Brit glamour chick Natalie Blair for Loaded! [NSFW POA]

Salma Hayek’s glorious rack NSFW & in HD! Seriously! [Nudography]

Amanda looks like she’s about ready for the greatest 20 seconds of her life [Uncoached]

It’s highly likely that Leslie Kay would empty your bank account [Brosome]

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