Photos: Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez Visit Notre Dame-Purdue Game

If Selena Gomez actually had to attend college, she would be just weeks into her freshman year.
Taylor Swift, on the other hand, is 20 and would be in her junior year where she’s so over the bar scene and just wants to settle down with some dude preparing for law school. She would be the chick who ‘so wants to just hit the tailgate’ with her guy and talk post-college plans with her girlfriends.
You know the type. They walk into college and from 18 until 20 they leave a streak of dancing on bars and walk of shames.
Then, before they are even of legal drinking age they burn out and just want to settle down for the remaining 18 months of college.
Anyway, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift visited Notre Dame Saturday.
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Otherwise, here are the photos of these two in action. Jump!

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