Video: Greatest Football Cheerleader Fail Of 2010 Season – Oh, Sh*t! No! Watch Out! No!


Posted: Aug. 28, 2010

Premise of Video: (via the vlogger) “This video was taken during the Morristown West Marching Band’s halftime performance @Knoxville Central. The beginning of this video inadvertently caught footage of a Knoxville Central cheerleader involved in a tumbling accident. It would appear later that she would be fine, with the exception of obvious facial injuries of course. This video was meant to spotlight the MWHS Marching Band.”

Climax of Video: Watch the bottom left of the screen for the first 30 seconds. Keep an eye on those storage boxes that are on the track.

Conclusion: We actually watched all 8 minutes of this and she gets up and is carried off the field. Word is she is day-to-day with track facial burns.

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