Video: Miami Hurricane Fans Beating Each Other, Reinforce Sterotype That U Fans Are Scumbags

Miami Hurricane fans, for the most part, are scumbags.

They are wanna be thugs who think the calendar still reads 1987. They think that acting like a complete jackass, with hats on sideways/wearing stupid f*cking hipster glasses is cool.

Usually we encourage stupid behavior but when it comes to acting like a moron and U. of Miami fans, we could just do without.

Here is what was doing last night at Joe Robbie.

Posted: Like 4.5 hours ago

Premise of Video: Bodies flying around and fists connecting. We just don’t have any witty shit to say about this action from last night. It’s Friday and our asses are dragging.

Climax of Video: Nobody died? That’s bullshit.

Conclusion: We pray Ohio State puts a beating on this program. Fuck off, Miami fans.

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