9 Greatest Football Motivational Speeches To Prepare You For This National Holiday


Bill Stewart: “Never leave your wingman.”

It’s highly likely that you are stuck at a job this morning where it’s just another day for 95% of the workers.

Not you.

You’ve finally reached the mountain. The day that marks the start of Fall. The day when you start to own the remote control for the next 6 months. The day when the wife/GF/gay lover/BFF better recognize that you are a football fan and will not take listen to anyone but Corso, Herbstreit & Fowler.

No stupid shopping trips for the hell of it. No “But, honey, we promised Newtown we’d make it to his birthday party.”


No more crap off the kids.

Keep telling yourself, “I own this TV, this family room and will drink beer and eat chicken wings all day.” You’ve been busting ass all summer to earn this reward.

Now sit back and enjoy “9 Great Football Motivational Speeches,” and try not to cry in front of the rest of your co-workers. These are gems.

This guy thinks he is Julius Caesar

Georgia Tech chaplain Derrick Moore doing his thing

Bear Bryant making things very simple for his young Tide boys

Art Briles “We’re going to put that shit on paper.”

Rob Keefe: “Punks jump up to get beat down.”

Friday Night Lights halftime speech in Spanish!

Of course here is your Al Pacino in English!

Coach Boone – Remember The Titans!

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