Daily Dump: Michelle Wie’s Stockings, Brandon Spikes WAS Getting Bed Head, Rachel Uchitel Blackballed, Brazilian Pimps Pissed, Cardinals Two-Shit Shutout, Miranda Kerr Topless 3D Action & 120 Busty Beer Pong Distractors!


If only an airline would have this in their business plans.

Tired of spending your afternoons listening to Colin Cowherd cover the same 4-5 topics that he was talking about last month?

Kobe-LeBron-His Love For Jeter – His Hatred For Cleveland – LeBron.

You are just 24 hours away from college football’s kickoff and you must start listening to sports radio out of Birmingham, Alabama. We spent at least 6 hours yesterday listening to WJOX and will never forget the Alabama and Auburn fans that were simply amazing radio.

You Northerners need to take 1-2 hours out of your day and go below the Mason-Dixon line for SEC talk. It’ll blow your mind.



Today’s Special Must-Read At Work & Tell Co-Workers About Link Of The Day:

World Testicle Cooking Championships! Nut up and get your recipes together! [Asylum]

Today’s Dump:

…we get started this morning with FIRE! Ever been in the rough, taken a swing only to strike a rock which ignited a 25 acre blaze? Some guy in California had this happen to him on the links over the weekend [Devil Ball]

Speaking of fire & golf, we check in monthly with Michelle Wie’s blog only to find her wearing knee high stockings. She’s growing on us. Photo by photo. [Black Flamingo]

It’s official! That was Brandon Spikes getting bed head! [Barstool]

In case you missed Marcus Jordan working the white women [BroBible]

You do the math – Tiger has a $54 MM mortgage to repay [TMZ]

NY condo associations blackballing Rachel Uchitel [CelebSlam]

Brazilian pimps pissed at plans to bulldoze pimping grounds for World Cup [Deuce]

Cardinals get two-shit shutout – TWITTER FAIL [Joe Sports Fan]

For the ladies: Ryan Howard’s cup pops out on live TV! [Crossing Broad]

Former MLBer Calvin Coolidge Julius Caesar Tuskahoma McLish passes away [Vin Scully Is…]

Ochocinco unveils Week 1 celebration dance plans for New Englanders [Twitter]

Eric Johnson continues to be led around town by Fatty Simpson [Yeeeah]

BWWAAAHAAAA! Mets official Twitter account actually tweets this lineup card [Legend of…]

25 eBay Auctions That’ll So Make You LOL [Manofest]

Food Porn For The Ladies : Eat it up, ladies [One Quick Beer]

Today’s Tail:

Oh. Dear. God. Miranda Kerr topless in 3D! [Guyism]

120 Busty Beer Pong Distractors That’ll Throw Off Your Shot [Coed]

Boys, you have to see what Carmen does with this rose -NSFW! [BoobieBlog]

8 Sexy Faces You’ll Be Intrigued By On Fall TV [Esquire]

Awesome! Twitpic Round-up Via Playboy Chicks & Their Twitter Accounts [Smoking Jacket]

Jugs to get you over Hump Day: Sam Cooke and these monsters [Uncoached]

Minka Kelly looking a little cold [Don Chavez]

Wonders Of Body Paint – Women Who Don’t Mind A Coat Of Latex [Gunaxin]

Shay got these implants and sure as hell isn’t going to waste them [Dirty Rotten]

Tooshie Tuesday. Need we say any more? [Funtasticus]

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