Rick’s Cabaret Ladies Offering A’s PitcherBrett Anderson Special Night If He Beats Yankees This Week


Well, this makes total sense.

Our friends at Rick’s Cabaret in New York are offering to show A’s pitcher Brett Anderson a chance to blow off steam this week while Oakland visits for a series against the Yanks.

You might remember Anderson from yesterday’s story where he was told by club officials to yank the above photo from his Twitter account.

Rick’s ladies say they’ll stay quiet if he stops by this week.

“I read on the Internet that Oakland’s Brett Anderson likes to make it rain,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Chelsea (36D-24-34). “He sounds like a lot of fun. He’s pitching against the Yankees this week, and I want to invite him to Rick’s Cabaret. If he wins, we’ll celebrate. If he loses, my girlfriends and I will cheer him up and make him feel better.”
“I think he’s cute,” she added.
“He got into some kind of trouble for tweeting a photo of himself with some girls,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Karina (32B-23-33). “He won’t get into trouble here. There are always famous people here and we protect their privacy,” she explained.
“Look, lots of athletes are here all the time, and they always have a great time. And we don’t play favorites. Everyone is welcome,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Gianna (34C-25-34). “The Oakland A’s are in town this week–is that a football or a baseball team?” she asked.

Anderson faces A.J. Burnett tomorrow night.

May we suggest a moneyline bet on Brett. Nothing gets this guy fired up like boobs being offered up for a victory.


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