The Afternoon Dump: 21 Year Old Likes Pee-Wee Football, Unranked Teams With Potential, Drunken-Chess-Boxing, Scammers Attempt ‘Office Space’ Style Stealing, Stripper Pole FAIL, Hot Girls Love Video Games, & Dominique Piek Is Sexy


Charlize Theron shows off her hotness in Elle Magazine.

The U.S. Open is finally upon us. This is all I am going to watch until it concludes on Sept 12 unless it is ugly women playing.

J Koot posted this earlier in the Daily Dump:

Goodbye baseball, PGA, MMA, tennis, Little League baseball, etc. Your asses have officially been forgotten.

I will still be watching MMA, MLB, tennis, and golf so I must be the odd one out. Speaking of the fight on Saturday, it was awesome. Thought Penn would have won but he got his a$$ whooped.

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Afternoon Dump

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