A’s Pitcher Brett Anderson & Cleveland Ho-Bags: LHP Starter About To Make It Rain On Chesties From Shaker Heights?


Ever wondered what it would take for a professional athlete to receive a talking to by his employer over a social media posting?

A’s left-handed starter Brett Anderson found the threshold last week when he tweeted a photo that didn’t amuse his bosses.

See what all the fuss is about after the jump.

Oh, yes he did.

Here are your details, as reported by the Mercury-News after Anderson had yet another rocky outing last week.


Anderson’s rough night came a day after the A’s asked him to remove a photo he posted to his Twitter account, showing him in a Cleveland nightspot with his arms around two women and clutching money in both hands.

That incident prompted Anderson to take down his Twitter page.

That looks like a whole lotta $1 bills.

We might not be rich athletes with the ability to land a couple of Cleveland 8’s, but we’ve been around the block a few times and know what that kind of wad of money gets a guy.


C’mon, Brett. Is your penis that hard up that you’d lower yourself to partying with a couple broads who’ll be talking about that night for the rest of their lives? Save you “Make It Rain” stash for a visit to Tampa or NYC where we could easily get you hooked up with Lonnie Hanover at Rick’s.

Dude can get your dong something a little more worthy of that money.

In fact, we’re emailing Mr. Hanover to get you a special while you’re in NYC THIS WEEK!

[Brett Anderson – TweetPhoto]

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