Daily Dump: The Bed Intruder Guy Tat, Rex Ryan Vs. Mike Westhoff Fuck Fest, Karen Sypher Ale, Ice Cold Cocktane, UK Cheerleaders Eating Cupcakes, Kissing Joe Blanton, Nancy Cameron’s 1974 Boobs, Denise Milani On All Fours & Greek Boobs!


Ashlynn Brooke. Gallery. Go!

We heard the news yesterday that the boys at TheDirty.com were slapped with a $11 million lawsuit judgment after libeling and slandering a Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader.

This made our week.

We knew Nik Ritchie before he was anything on the Internet. He was a prick then and is just a bigger prick today.



Today’s Dump:

…we get started with news that some genius has tatted that insanely gay Bed Intruder Guy on his calf. Run ‘n tell that….. For real! [South Florida Chronicle]

Here is your judge for Barstool’s Best Can contest where one lucky chick will be honored as having the best dumper in New England [Barstool]

Hard Knocks Episode 3: Rex Ryan – 9 fucks! Assistant Mike Westhoff – 9 fucks & 2 bullshits [Bob’s Blitz]

Like a nice head? You’re going to love the Karen Sypher Ale [Sportress of Blogitude]

Or you could go for a nice, cold Cocktane (what chicks at South Carolina pound before going out for the night in Columbia.) [Friends of the Program]

Are you into surfer chicks? Meet Maya Gabeira and this bikini [BroBible]

Kentucky cheerleaders eating cupcakes – that’s all [FratHouse]

Detroit Lions fans create a cheerleading team – seriously [Ultimate Cheerleaders]

Solid Read: 7 Baseballers Who Had No Right Competing For Triple Crown [InsideSTL]

Have you seen Hanley Ramirez and his gold hair? Shhhaaaazaaammm! [Out of Bounds]

This chick really, really wants to lick Joe Blanton’s face [Crossing Broad]

15 Unusual Sexually Charged Photos In Society [Banned In Hollywood]

People Being De-Pantsed – Get Ideas For The Weekend [EgoTV]

Today’s Tail:

We give you the greatest 1974 Playboy Boobs You’ll See All Day – This is Nancy Cameron 36 years ago and those boobs are pretty much perfect [The Smoking Jacket]

104 Photos Of Denise Milani On All Fours For National Dog Day [Coed]

Today in Greek boobs: Chicks kissing chicks & Saskia Howard topless [Papparazzi]

Television X might be one of the most genius NSFW TV ideas ever [BoobieBlog]

Oh, shit! Michelle Hunziker’s ass in this. [The Beer Goggler]

If that didn’t make your day, these NSFW Holly Peers shots will get you fired [LaxTime]

This chick actually goes by the name Tahiti & has a pair of giant cantaloupes [H8torade]

Hump Day Hotties if you are off on Monday-Tuesday [Funtasticus]

Everyday chicks. Not your normal everyday cleavage [Uncoached]

Britney Spears in yet another bikini [Don Chavez]

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