Cuff ‘Em: YouTube Video Coach Arrested For Egging On 8-Year-Old To Swear, Spew Hate


Now, we’re going to be very, very careful what we say about Josh Eastman, the crazed bastard above that looks like he’d track our IP address and rip our heads off….and make a YouTube video of the incident.

Ever wonder what happens to those dudes in high school who played a little too much Black Dahlia Murder or Dio before class? Yeah, they grow up to pay little kids to swear and spew hate on YouTube videos. Not all, assholes. But at least one.

A Connecticut mom called the cops on a neighbor who coached her 8-year-old son to swear and spew racial slurs for a YouTube clip.

Instead of going viral, the video got Josh Eastman, 24, busted for impairing the morals of a child.

The kid, who lives next door to Eastman in Bridgeport, said he was given a dollar to curse on camera.

“It was fun things, funny,” Eastman, who was arrested Tuesday and released on $2,500 bond, said of the video he shot of his prepubescent protégé.

We’re not going to say little kids swearing on YouTube isn’t funny because that is some funny shit. But….when you start treating the neighbor kid like you picked him off the waiver wire and are making his life better, we have issues.

Get your own kid, brah.

Bang it out with some goth chick who’s into allowing her kid to drop some f-bombs on video. You might even be able to undercut your own kid by guaranteeing room, food and board for a few ‘motherf*ckers.’

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[Connecticut man Josh Eastman busted for coaching neighbor’s son to swear for YouTube clip]

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