Oakland A's Ball Boy Chick Jacki Lynch Now Teasing Our Asses With Cleavage Shot

We figured that date photo of the Oakland A’s ball boy and his chick Jacki Lynch would be history but to think we’d be getting a cleavage shot this quick is insane.
Jacki yanked the photo of the happy couple having dinner Tuesday night for a shot that is probably going to send bloggers into a frenzy if only we could bust into the Facebook treasure chest for the obligatory bikini shot.
Sorry, Kev, she looks to be out of your league.

We just hope Jacki doesn’t end up with one of the tools in the A’s bullpen because then this story is going to have a tragic ending where the baseball player steals the ballboy’s girlfriend, starts dating/banging and marries her while he goes 4-1 with a 1.78 ERA and signs with the Yankees for insane money.
Jackie ends up sitting in the WAG seats behind the screen and hits up Oakland once a year where her 28-year-old ball boy is still chasing errant grounders.
Please, Jackie, don’t end up with Andrew Bailey or one of those other WAG chasers. For just once let this story end with at least a 6-month relationship with the ballboy.
Have access to Jacki’s Facebook treasure trove? Email our tip hotline.
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Update: Jacki wrote to us late last night.
“Please stop asking for my friend’s to break into my facebook. What do you want? I’ll give it to you myself.”
Update #2: We asked for more photos. She’s in California and in her early 20s. Expect a response by 5 pm EST.
[Jacki Lynch – Facebook]

Photo: Oakland Ball Boy Gets Date With Jacki Lynch & She's All Smiles!
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