Daily Dump: Larry Johnson's $400 Tip For Liquor, Emmanuelle Chriqui In Lingerie, Irina Shayk Flirting, Kenny Powers Vs. Rob Dibble, Rod Allen Drinking Game 2.0, Chantelle's Big Brother U.K. Rackage & Britney Spears In Yellow Bikini

Jo Garcia is Playboy’s gaming guru and will kick your ass at Wii Fitness.

One week.
7 stinking days.
That’s all we have remaining before we ‘gasm with the start of yet another college football season. Here is your Week One schedule for FBS teams.
Keep your eye on this line. Arizona -15 on the road at Toledo next Friday night. UA’s offense is insane and Toledo is introducing a new QB to D-I college football. Folks, don’t be fooled by all those points on the road. The stadium will be empty because high school football is king on Friday night’s in Ohio. Nick Foles should go for at least 350 and 4 TDs.
48-21 sounds about right.

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Today’s Dump:
….oh, Dear God, we get the morning started with new photos of Emmanuelle Chriqui in various outfits that will keep you busy for hours. [CelebSlam]
Remember that night Larry Johnson spit in a woman’s face? Here’s the bar bill with a $400 tip! [BroBible]
Horse Race: My Wife Knows Everything vs. The Wife Doesn’t Know [Manofest]
Irina Shayk flirting right in front of C. Ron.? Oh, yes she did [Goaly Moly]
Kenny Powers vs. Rob Dibble Quote Game:Mullet vs. Lughead [SB Nation]
For Detroiters: Rod Allen Drinking Game 2.0 has been released [Detroit4Lyfe]
UFC in Boston: Not even a sell-out [CageWriter]
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B-List Superheroes Get Word That Maurice Clarett Is Making Comeback [AngryT]
You won’t believe what this guy can carve with pencils [OneQuickBeer]
Today’s Tail:
Erica Campbell wants to get your ass fired with these NSFW shots – RESIST! [BoobieBlog]
Moving to Big Brother U.K. racks…we give you Chantelle [Anorak]
Summer of the Yellow Bikini: Britney Spears breaks out her two-piece [Guyism]
Melanie Brown wearing YELLOW showing off her diamond cutters [Don Chavez]
In case you missed Katy Perry’s cleavage pre-gaming Letterman [Yeeeah]
Hot POA’s At ATMs: Hilary Duff in these incredible jeans gettin’ some cash [MoeJackson]
Tired of big, fake racks in bikinis? Olivia Wilde saves the day [PickMeUpNews]
Back to big, real racks: Nikki Mitchell has a face/body that melts our hearts [Uncoached]
Oh, God! Lauren’s eyes! We can’t take our eyes off her eyes! [Heyman]
The Greatest SFW Hand Bra Photos Of The Day courtesy of Nicci [Brosome]
…and finally, Krystal Forscutt and her insane rack mega gallery [NextRound]

The Afternoon Dump: Vikings May Have Problems, Jim Furyk Disqualified, MJ's Sons Gamble Too, Annoying Facebook Girl, Thief On Photobomb, Britney Spears' Yellow Thong, Cute Kate Beckinsale, & Krystal Forscutt's Mega Gallery
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