Photo: Oakland Ball Boy Gets Date With Jacki Lynch & She's All Smiles!

You’ve been hearing about it for days now.
The Oakland A’s Ball Man, Kevin Fennell, was supposed to be getting his date with the lovely Jacki Lynch.
You might remember Jacki as the college-aged chick who was given four foul balls by the Ball Man last week during just another A’s baseball game that turned into a date for Kevin.
The newly minted couple went out last night and Jacki must have been enamored because she updated her Facebook account with a picture of the date and is using it as her profile image.

Of course we went searching for La Fondue to see how much this date was going to cost the Ball Man.
Um, let’s just say he put a dent in his Visa. And…..those guys in the bullpen better pony up some money to help the poor guy out. For God’s sake, he’s a ball boy.
Just look at some of these prices. Let this be a lesson to all other ballboy’s who think landing a date via the ballpark means a trip to a sports bar.

We’re efforting more photos from the couple’s night out and maybe a shot of the receipt to show how the Oakland Ball Boy rolls.

From the look on Jacki’s face everything went just fine.

[Ball Boy Kevin – Facebook]

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