Tebow Douchebags In The Wild: Dude Rocks Tebow Jersey, Yankees White Cap & Below-The-Knee Jorts


Oh, Dear God, look what we have here.

That headline was a little long but we figure it hit on all the key components to making up the Super Tebow Douche Fan.

By the way, this is in line for airport security.

Full size image of this beast that must get laid like Scott Baio, after the jump.

Just look at the precision and dedication to the dressing process this Tebow Super Douche went through before heading out to the airport.

The glasses are perfectly positioned to the left. The hat on backwards but not too stuffy so that the ladies can get a glimpse at his luscious hair.

And the shorts. THE SHORTS!

So fucking impressive. You can’t be a Super Douche and wear the normal cargo shorts drooping below the knees.

And dickhead caps it all off with sneakers straight out of the box with no-show socks or no socks at all. Flip a coin.

Have a candidate for the Tebow Super Douche club? Or any other NFL Super Douches? Email us a photo.


[HT: JMSteinman]

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