Nightcapper: BC Tipster Says Dude Arrested Wearing Diaper Was All Coked Up

Yesterday’s Cuff ‘Em was yet another strange one where we figured man wasn’t capable of such despicable acts.
The guy (left) cut up from ripping his face on wires, was arrested in Indiana where he was standing in the road flashing a school bus.
Oh, and he was wearing a diaper. Of course we wanted someone to fill in the details. It didn’t take long for the locals to chime in.

I don’t personally know these guys, but I do know people who are friends with them. Those boys were high on coke, and the one who had the diaper took it from his baby. I’m disgusted to hear about this.

Ever hang out with these coked up bros, we asked.

I would never hang out with these guys. My idea of a good time does not include doing coke, running around naked and wearing a diaper. The people I know who know them are appalled, but they don’t say anything for whatever reason. I’m sure they have good qualities but being known for doing coke around your child can’t make you a good guy.

Now, do you morons need any further evidence that drugs are BAD. You snort a line of coke and you’ll start wearing shitty diapers and get crazy with your buddy. You’ll soon be unemployed, strung out on drugs and a developing Pampers habit.
This story should end all temptations.
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