Make 'Em Piss Blood: Turn Up Volume & Listen To This Footballer Cry


Posted: Nov. 1, 2009

Premise of Video: We’re not sure how this one got through the greasy hands of our Mexican YouTube trackers. These little bastards usually work like dogs very little to no pay and come up with some of the greatest videos that’ll eventually go viral after being seen on Busted Coverage. Here we have Father Cam at football practice last year where the boys went at it during a tackling drill.

Climax of Video: The hit is fun but the crying is definitely the highlight of this 8 seconds of your life.

Conclusion: That coach yelled “Get up!” That’s right you little shit. Get up. This is football and you’ll have years of this coming your way because dad doesn’t like quitters and your ass will be taking shots to the head until the D-III college sits you down to talk about post-career concussion ‘issues.’

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