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Nightcapper: 1985 Pontiac Firebird Vs. Concrete Bridge

Posted: This afternoon

Premise of Video: This happened this morning in suburban Dayton, Ohio. “Troopers said Brennan Eden, 19, of Mason, was driving a Pontiac Firebird southbound on I-675 when he drove off the left side of the highway.His car struck a culvert which sent the car airborne. The car then traveled through the air until it struck the Wagner Rd. bridge overpass.At that time, the Firebird broke into several pieces due to the impact of the crash.”

Climax of Video: Impact.

Conclusion: Dude is in critical condition. But, Jesus, if he survives this kid is going to own the most insane car crash video the Internet has ever seen. You find one better and we’ll kiss your ass.

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