Dinner At Michigan RB Coach Fred Jackson’s House: Fake Automatic Weapons & Barbecue

The Big Ten Network, always showing the inside stories about Big Ten schools, recently visited Michigan running back’s coach Fred Jackson’s house for dinner and some story telling.

Fred, a long-time UM assistant, had a few of his players over for dinner and a story about spinach.

Big Ten cameras were there.

Oh, and so was that fake semi-automatic weapon sitting on the bar. Who the fuck edits these pieces?

Video after the jump.

Ironically, Michigan fans noticed the gun in the video before Ohio State fans could watch it.

Don’t even start LOL-ing Buckeye fan. We see you smirking and wanting to comment. You know one of your boys will soon be arrested and look like a fool in the national media for either (a.) Drunk & disorderly (b.) beating his girlfriend like Jay Mariotti (c.) Being pulled over for a taillight violation and cops finding an arsenal in his trunk (d.) a. & d.

Look, who the hell knows why the fake gun was there. What we do know is that this video has made its way onto YouTube, which means Big Ten lawyers will have something to bitch about later this morning.

[UofM Running Backs Coach Plays With Guns – It’s Always Sunny In Detroit]

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