Cuff 'Em: Yes, That Looks Like The Face Of A Tennessee Father Who'd Punch His Son's Football Coach In The Mouth


If someone ever did a “This Is What Batshit Crazy Tennessee Football Dads Look Like” blog post, John Gomoljak would be the King of the beauty pageant.

Salt ‘n pepper mane. That late 70s/early 80s part action with the locks dropping over the ears. Beard.

This is a Rachel Ray makover artist’s wet dream.

Anyway, John is in a little trouble and football season hasn’t even officially started. He went a little nuts on his son’s football coach.

From The Tennessean:

Gomoljak was arrested following a confrontation Tuesday with the coach after school hours during a football practice. Gomoljak complained to Nachand about why his son wasn’t allowed more playing time. The incident escalated, and Nachand told police that Gomoljak shoved him, then punched him in the mouth. Gomoljak was arrested on a simple assault charge, a misdemeanor, and was released in lieu of a $1,000 bond.

John isn’t even waiting for injuries to pave the way to more playing time for John Jr. or whatever name the boy goes by.

That is one angry football parent. It’s just practice, Big John. No need to get off to a bad start this year.

Something tells us John visits lots of message boards and probably has read Busted Coverage once in his life. It’s guys like John who keep our Internet connection paid in full. Love ya, buddy.

[Sheriff admits booking error involving father charged with punching coach]

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