Cuff ‘Em: Can You Figure Out What This Freaky Looking (Alleged) Child Pervert Does In The Sports World?


Here is your only hint:

Shawn Fay is from Rhode Island and runs a business that brings snakes and other reptiles to schools and parties for the kids to play with.

And has a role in the sports world. Seriously.


From WHDH in Boston:

Fay, who is from North Scituate, Rhode Island, is a Little League coach and the owner of “Regal Reptiles,” a retail business that also brings reptiles to schools and children’s parties.

He and the other suspects were ordered to have no contact with any children, including their own.

When officers showed up at Fay’s home to execute the arrest warrant, they made another shocking discovery.

Hundreds of animals were inside and police were forced to condemn the home. Animals found included pythons, ferrets, scorpions and an alligator.

Our initial reaction?

Holy Fucking Boa Constrictor! Who in their right fucking mind allowed this dude to coach Little League? It’s not like that hair grew out during a playoff run in the 12-year-old division. Hair left over from an epic hockey playoffs back in April? We don’t think so.

Look, we’ve said it before. If you wouldn’t want that dudes mug on ABC/ESPN coverage of the Little League World Series, then he most likely shouldn’t be coaching kids from May-July. It’s a simple test, really.

The look test.

Dude can’t manage himself. Do you trust him to work on Bradley’s hit and run game? Do you trust him to teach Colton how to slap it the other way?

C’mon, you morons in Rhode Island.

The guy runs a reptile business. When we played Little League baseball our coaches were home builders, firefighters, construction workers, etc. Yeah, guys who usually like legal aged ‘tang. Guys that run reptile businesses and look like they watch a little too much Harry Potter probably have a few screws loose.

Lesson learned. Hopefully no kids were harmed.

[Police arrest 17 on child porn charges in RI]

BONUS VIDEO! PERV DUDE’S YOUTUBE VIDEO! Sex and breeding habits of reptiles!

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