Bo The Bailer Hits On Fake Facebook Broad, Says He'd 'Give It' To Fake Facebook Chick When She 'Needed It'

And the hits just keep coming for Bo The Bailer.
First, this week, we showed the world what Bo is not having sex with this week.
Then, BC reader Brian went out and built himself a phony Facebook account where he befriended Bo (Wyble Facebook account) and put the hammer down on some dirty talk.
Bo, ever the gentleman, tells ‘Jenny‘ that he’ll “give it to you whenever you need it.”
See, he isn’t the giant asshole you guys made him out to be.

(Click on images for the full, easier on the eyes, image.)

Of course ‘Jenny’/Brian went back to the well once more this week without any luck getting Bo to talk shit about his ex.

Yes, this will be the last post on Bo/Sara for the week unless one of you fools impresses us with a phony phone call or naked bedroom photos of Sara.

Your move.

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