Nightcapper: Jenn Brown Hooking Up With Kenny Chesney In Mexico? We Start Asking Questions


Well, this must mean that Jenn Brown’s rise in the celebrity world has officially moved on from the sports-dork blogosphere to the world of paparazzi and headlines like “Kenny Chesney Cheats With Sideline Reporter.”

Take it away Star Magazine:

In the Aug. 30 issue of Star, on sale now, we exclusively report that the country crooner enjoyed a romantic rendezvous with ESPN sportscaster Jenn Brown last week. And we have photos of them on the beach together, including one in which she slides her hands under his shirt and around his waist and another in which she strikes sexy poses for him.

Of course we sent out an email to Jenn’s PR team for a response. Nothing so far.

This Star Magazine news hasn’t stopped Jenn Pageviews from talking football on Facebook where, yep, she didn’t update a damn thing last week while in Mexico.

This isn’t what ESPN needed at this point.

We’ve always been, since we discovered her in Columbus last year, a huge Jenn Brown supporter and this wouldn’t be a big deal but supposedly Chesney had a girlfriend back in Nashville.

ESPN doesn’t exactly want its talent on the cover of Star Magazine or any other tabloids – for any reason.

Also silent from Aug. 11 until Aug. 16? Her Twitter account.

Here’s hoping that Kenny and the supposed girlfriend were broken up and this is all just a situation where a jaded ex is pissed at her rich country singer ex.

[Exclusive: Kenny Chesney Cheats with ESPN Reporter]

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