Strippers Supporting Tiger: Rick’s Cabaret Offering Woods "Blonde Therapy," Boobs In His Face

Rick’s Cabaret press release that was sent to BC early this morning after Tiger finished tied for 28th at the PGA.

22 year-old Rick’s Cabaret Girl Maya, a 36D-25-34 alluring blonde, said, “What he needs is ‘Blonde Therapy.'” She explains, “We know he prefers blondes, and we’ll surround him with so many topless blondes he will forget about his problems. He hasn’t been having any fun, and we will change that.”

And more from the ladies.

“I agree,” chimes in 23 year-old blonde beauty Erica, 34C-26-35.  “It’s about time he steps out and shows the world he’s single again and ready to party!

24 year-old Rick’s Cabaret Girl Giselle, a 38DD-27-36 blonde stunner, feels that reviving the old Tiger would almost be like a public service.  “We believe that one night with us will lead to Tiger living up to his name.  We’ll make sure he’s a big winner again.”

“Come back Tiger,” said 25 year-old Rick’s Cabaret Girl Avalon, who is a 36C-25-35 blonde bombshell. “A Tiger can’t change his stripes.”

Listen, ladies, you have your work cut out. Dude is so down in the dumps that it might take like 4 of you putting on a show for Tiger to get this despair out of his system.

However, if there is a club capable of pulling Tiger out of his funk, it’s Ricks. Walking in the door is like jumping in the Fountain of Youth.