Samantha Trovarelli Is The Hot Phillies Babysitter With A Weird Wet Spot On Her Shirt

There was a story that gripped the fine folks of Philadelphia Friday morning while the rest of the world went about its business.

It seems that Thursday night the Phillies made a huge comeback on the Dodgers and cameras picked up on a little kid and brothers putting a voodoo hex on L.A. closer Jonathan Broxton.

That’s cool and all, but the real news here is that the kids were with their busty babysitter. Of course the TV/radio dorks went nuts.

Of course Busted Coverage investigators went to work figuring out who this babysitter chick is.

The Samantha Trovarelli file:

• From Vineland, NJ

• Fan of Real Housewives of New Jersey

• Once tried out to be a Phillies ballgirl.

• Might be single. Radio interview where Philly radio dorks ask some questions.

• Attends or used to attend West Chester U. in Pa.

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