Cuff ‘Em: U. Of South Florida Football Fan Uses "I Was Going To Bang Mom" Defense In Chris Hansen-Like Perv Sex Sting

Looks like the wardrobe of choice over the weekend for perverted child molesters was a South Florida Bulls logo-ed shirt and a sullen, beaten face.

The Polk County Florida (Sheriff Office) perv hunters went nuts this weekend getting sick f*cks off the streets and reeled in a Little League baseball coach and these two guys.

A Polk County sheriff’s sergeant who answered the front door of a home being used in an undercover sex sting was stunned to find his son’s Lakeland T-ball coach standing on the front porch. //

Sheriff’s officials said the coach, Tommy Lee DuPre, was one of 15 men arrested after they responded to a Craigslist ad placed by investigators in which a parent or family member offered sex with a young girl.

“The sergeant told me, ‘I absolutely couldn’t believe it … I don’t know who was more surprised, him or me,'” Sheriff Grady Judd said Sunday.


“Hi, Dad. What are you doing here?”

Police say these idiots showed up with Skittles, candy bars and condoms.

While this is all disgusting, you haven’t even read the moneyshot. The top USF fan as seen above…..told reporters he was there to bang the mom. Seriously.


Raymond Damon of Plant City spoke briefly to reporters, while the others remained silent, ducking their heads away from media cameras.

“I didn’t come here to have sex with a 13-year-old,” Damon said. “I wanted to hook up with the mom.”

Damon said he played along with the online dialogue to appease their wishes to have sex with their underage daughter.

If the mother had continued to pressure him into having sex with the girl, he would have left the home, he said. “I told her what she wanted to hear.”

Yep, once again Floridians come through with a classic. Dude cruises Craigslist for underage sex listings to hook up with the moms.

We’re curious how Chris Hansen would handle such a defense.

Hansen: “But sir, it says here in your chat transcript that you want to do dirty things to the young girl.”

USF Dude: “Um, well, it was all just a joke. I was going to take the mother out to Red Lobster and to a USF football game.”

Hansen: “Do you know who I am?”

USF Dude: “Ahhhh, fuck. Does this mean I’m going to miss the Bulls home opener against Stony Brook?

Hansen: “I don’t know what your are talking about. You are free to go.”

Go Bulls!

[Polk County Sex Sting Nets 15 Arrests]