5 Questions: Playboy Chick Kaki West Talks About Red Sox/Celtics, Team Owners/Executives Showering Her With Gifts, Lingerie Pillow Fights With Her Girlfriends & Celtics Starting Five Hitting On Her

5 Questions is our feature where we actually trade emails with important people from the world of celebrity/sports and bring you interviews that are fun, insightful & maybe even teach you a thing or two.

Today’s guest is Kaki West. You might remember Ms. West as Reggie Jackson’s girlfriend on “The Bronx Is Burning.” (Trailer for those who forget this series.)

Or, you might remember Kaki from her work as a CyberGirls model at Playboy.com (NSFW). Or here.

She has perfect hair. Insanely perfect boobs. And can talk sports. It’s a shame we don’t have more game and a bigger 401k because she’d make the perfect wife.

5 Questions! Jump! Now!

BC: We noticed that you played Reggie Jackson’s girlfriend in The Bronx Is Burning. Did you get to meet/have the real Reggie hit on you on the set? Tell us a cool story about Reggie. Any wrap party stories to impress our readers who lead rather boring lives?

The director of “The Bronx is Burning” saw me on a magazine cover. The next day I was flown into CT to film. I did not meet Reggie Jackson. Instead I filmed with some heavy weight actors; Daniel Sunjanta, Oliver Platt & John Turtoro. My wardrobe in the scene was a silk robe. So there I was in a silk robe with an all male cast and crew. I was definitely the rookie on set. When I wrapped, I bee-lined out of there for a solo wrap party at the hotel bar.

BC: Staying on topic, we know athletes cannot possibly resist the urge to hit on hot Playboy women. We would, too, if our bank account had a few more zeros and we drove something other than an old Honda. Anyway, other than Reggie, who are the athletes out there who have threatened to shower you with romantic dinners and visits to his NBA/NFL/MLB games?

I am private with my relationships the good and the bad. Most women are talkative by nature. I have always held my cards close to my chest. So, no comment. But I will give you a hint. I don’t date athletes. Team owners or executives of sports networks are fair game. Perks may include but not limited to: dug out seats, court side, VIP, 4 seasons Maui & G5’s!

BC: Do you ever just sit in front of the TV, stuff your face in a bowl of ice cream and watch SportsCenter? If so, we don’t believe you.

That’s hilarious and you are correct in not believing me. The answer is no. However last month I went to my first Dodgers game vs the Mets. I ate a Dodger dog washed down by vodka tonics! Which led to a rather emotional moment during the National Anthem. I got so choked up, baseball is an American treasure. Dodgers won! I come from a die hard family of Red Sox fans so I committed a cardinal sin. Baseball Gods please forgive me.

BC: Tell our readers what it’s like to spend a ‘normal’ night at home with Kaki West. Most of our loser readers obviously expect lots of lingerie and whipped cream because they are naive and ignorant. Prove them wrong.

On a “normal” night wearing hello kitty lingerie I have feather pillow fights with my hot girlfriends bouncing on a trampoline.

BC: You’ve worked with ESPN (ESPYs) & Fox Sports. Tell us a cool story that most normal men would never hear because they married school teachers and stay-at-home wives.

I was the trophy model for the 07 & 08 ESPN Espy Awards. One year the Celtics they won the last award of the night. I had to herd the entire team far stage left. They were supposed to stay on stage for the confetti finale with a gospel choir. The Celtics were all talking to me at once “Wheres the after party? Are you going? I have to pee! They have drinks backstage? How long you working till? My head was spinning, I felt like tinkerbell amongst these gigantic men. It was chaos as we did circles on stage. Finally I took control and walked them off stage. The stage manger reamed me out. But I stand by my decision have the Celtics wandering the stage? Not on this trophy models watch. Fuck the confetti and cliche choir.

– End –

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